A series of works combining fishing, sympathetic magic and handicrafts.

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Four Used Magnetic Rods From Hook The Duck

Bamboo, acrylic, polystring, magnets, fimo, enamel, time, use.

Rods:1.87m Skulls:2cm

fishing rods
four skulls
single skull
single stick

Specialist Lure

Barbed hook, wire, craft beads.

L7cm W6cm D1.5cm

specialist lure



Ice Fisherman

Mock granite, Jason's old mackerel lure.

L11cm W3cm H7cm

ice fisherman
ice fisherman detail

Untitled (Fish Cat Toy)

Lure, bell.

L16cm W4cm

fish cat toy

Untitled (Heartache)

Mock granite, small lead weights, precise float.

L11cm H3cm W3.5cm Float:12cm

heartache detail

Faecal Squid Lure

Mock granite, crepe hair, luminous beads, squid lure.

L14cm W4cm H5cm


faecal squid lure

Three Specialist Lures

Barbed hooks, craft beads, wire, embroidery thread, fabric, lure packaging.

L9cm H7cm D2cm

three specialist lures
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