uncollectables at the leight art trail


A Selection of Visitors Book Comments


“Most Amusing and thoughtful. Best in art trail!!”

“No wonder you are closed.”

“Very clever and beautiful! A treat!”

“Great! Very perquelier”

“A bizarre selection of wonderful models”

“We loved it – made us laugh x”

“Dear LHTrevail Thanks for the Trivia”

“I don't get it, just trying to get my boyfriend home for a shag”

“Hello sexy lady/man your so good lookin'”

“Fantastic: Love it!!!”

“Stuff and nonsense”

“You win best in show (little drawing of a rosette)”

“Totally love it – thank you”

The best set of uncollectable items ive seen, but all so beautifully wrong and well well done”

“Most Unusual”

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