the state of mind of ghosts
janine and jenny
melting dress sequence
3 dresses
Sound by LHTrevail, design by Ellan Parry
Performed by Janine Fletcher, Sibylla Meienberg and Jenny Swindells
(this track was designed to vibrate parts of the auditorium)

Ghosts. Paper 1. Questions.

A man dies unpleasantly on a train at a certain location, say a bridge. Does his ghost haunt the train or the bridge? What does the memory stick to? If he jumps out of the train is the answer different?

How can a ghost look like a corpse if it is just a memory? Does this mean you go on acquiring memories after you are dead? How? Perhaps it looks like what it imagined a corpse to look like. What if it is not accurate or convincing?

A sick woman staggers onto a train, knowing that she will be found and helped when the train reaches its final destination. Unfortunately it is a circle line train. The woman dies, not discovered until the night. Her ghost still goes round and round, waiting for the end of the line. How do you placate such a spirit?

Does continental drift mean that we have ghosts from other places – are they linked to the land or their position on the ball of the earth?

What about ghosts at sea? Do they get dispersed when the water evaporates?

ghost drawing by ellan
drawings by Ellan Parry
ghost drawing
Photographs: Amber Macdonald, Ellan Parry, LHTrevail, Ingrid Plum