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The language is called: Yaw


Above/sky: buv

Against: gin

And: y (spanish)

All: al

Allentide: allentide

Among/ among us: midst

Away: out

Bags/luggage/stuff to transport: luggery

Beach: wattrunrock

Be: Be

Bezoar: Bezoar

Bird: Wazzo (like the french)

Big/wide: gran

Blockage: blockage #mild swear#

Boat: yatchet

Both: bofe

Brain: Cogitator

Branches: fatsticks

building stone of any kind: breezbloks

Brittle: brittle/snappy (this is a Bad Concept)

Cadavers: cadavers

Caves and holes: gapers

Cheers!: Danna zawn!

Crack: crack. #this is swearing!# and basically means consequence of a failure to adapt.

crossover: ex-over

crumble: crumble #very mild, fuddy duddy curse-word#

Cock: cock.

Dancing: Jagging (if its vigorous), Rollin the pearl (if its kind of pelvic and sensual), Skygrabbin (if its hands in the air abandon).

Dark: Dark

Decorated: hung all about

Deep: far-low

Didnt: didnae (scottish)

Double: du-comm (also works as doppelganger – it means double in all the ways it does in english)

Down: dan (eastenders cockney)

Earth: dirt-homeball (or just dirt)

Ears: luggoles

Eyes: peepers

Family: commpass (said commpuss. From comm + encompass + compass/guide + compost/grow + compose + latin compos. Carries the weight of all these within it. )

Faster than a walk: weelin

Fight: tussle-y-crak

First: furs

Flying: buvweelin

For/From/of: fer

Food: grub

Foot: kicker

From: frim

Future: foredays

Gambling/betting/speculating/guessing: gamblin

Gathering: gavvrin

Ghost : gaista

Give: lob

Give me: lobbus

Give me your hand: lobbus thay grabber

Green: grassy

God (the christian god): Mister-Fairy

Goodbye: t'ra den (like 'ta ra, then')

Good: tasty

Good luck (casual): tasty chips

Guessing: gamblin

Guts: trails

Happy: joit/ joity

Happy Allentide: Joity Allentide

Hand: Grabber

hair: hairs

Have a look: casta wycliff

Hello/greetings: Aynah (like 'hey now')

Heart: pump

Heavy/fat: yatty (from yattograom – the weight of the earth)

Here: yur (like molespeak)

Hide/put away/conceal: show-wack or shwack (polish schować (to hide, to put away, to conceal)

Home: dotcomm

How/why: kwarry (swahili: kwaheri how/why)

Hung: hung

I dont know/defeated sigh: shwee (swahili sijui I dont know/defeated sigh)

Leaves/lungs/gills: breavers

Legs: walkers

Living people: tea-steamy cadavers

Living: Swimmin

Lonely: yann

Look: lob yer peepers

Luck: chips

Make/making: makken

Mate/crony: pussjack (hungarian pusepajatcz – person you know well enough to hug in the street)

Maybe: morjya (polish -morze/moze sea/maybe)

Miner: manworm

Mines: chippin-pits

More than us: yann-comm

Mouth: zawn

No: any way of saying no, dependant on the situation. Negative noise. Nay, nah, uh uh, etc.

Nose: Wycliff

Now/right/like this etc: so

Now/today: heute (german)

Me/mine/our/ours/shared/share: comm

Past: aftdays

Proof/protection against: bezoar

Pretty: bonny

Reservoir: Reservoir

Rise: haul up

Rot: shudda dan tae pissmulch

roughly prepare: scratchup

Sawa: (swahili – more emphatic than okay but less than yes – like “whatever” but not rude)

Scruffy: scruft

Sea: morjya (polish -morze/moze sea/maybe)

skeltetal: bony

Sharing: commin

skittering: skitterin

sky: buv

Sleep: doze

Sleep with casually/ or just hang with: be-dan-wi

space: glittrin-far-mirrorball-dark

Speak/speaking: Yaaw/yaawin

spider crab: racknacrab

starbright: glittrin

starbright future: glittrin foredays

Strong: rockwise

Stay/keep: stay

Summer: zonne'jack

Teeth: maulers

That: as

The/they/their/this: thay

Then: venn

Through: fru (like txting)

Throw: lob

Throwing: lob

Throw away: lob out

To: tae (scottish)

Trust: lean on

Twice as many as us: du-comm

Trees: skygrabbers

Under/beneath/low: neaf

Vomit: chunder #mildly obscene#

Yes: Any way of saying yes, dependant on the situation. Ye, ha, aye, uh. Any positive noise.

Your past lifts your present: They aftdays haul up they foredays.

Walk: amble

Walking: ambling

Want/commit to/link with/love: twine fer

(if it is reciprocated, it would be twine wiv)

Watching tv: suckin-at-mister-pixels

Waste/discard carelessly: blackbin

with: wi (you can also say “wiv” if its the last word in a sentence or it is particularly important.)

Creepy: Zotto (japanese: with a shiver of fear)

Weak: Chalk/chalky.

When: van (german)

Winter: brrrjack (roll yer rrs)


You can count quite straightforwardly and use numbers in the decimal way. But the meanings of the numbers is slightly different. These

1= yann (also means lonely. It is more like zero in concept.)

2= comm (literally means “us” or “me”)

3= yan-comm (more-than-us)

4= du-comm (twice as many as us/double/doppleganger)

5= rings (like the carol)

6= geese

7= swansaswimmin

8= maidsamilkin

9= ladiesdancin

10 = lordsaleapin

11 = pipers

12 = drummers

0= zip (0 doesnt mean nothing. Its just for maths)

they would probably have maths based on 12 but we don't need to know that now!


“….Haul up heute so gaista allentide! Fer thay wattranrock. Fer thay gran far-low morjya wi yatchets skitterin buv y racknacrabs skitterin neaf. Fer thay manwormses dirt chippin-pits y gapers. Fer thay skygrabbers gavvrin y commin thay dark neaf thay fatsticks - lobbin dan grassy breavers tae shudda dan tae pissmulch. Fer they pissmulch cadavers as doze neaf. And thay as amble midst.

Comm..swimmin gaista..lob out tae reservoir thay bezoar gin swimmin. Lobbus thay grabber y haul up. Amble midst. Comm. Glittrin zawn. Yann peepers. Bony, bonny gaista. Skittrin, glittrin gaista.

Fer thay wattranrock. Fer thay gran far-low morjya wi yatchets skitterin buv y racknacrabs skitterin neaf. Fer thay manwormses dirt chippin-pits y gapers. Fer thay skygrabbers gavvrin y commin thay dark neaf thay fatsticks - lobbin dan grassy breavers tae shudda dan tae pissmulch. Fer they pissmulch cadavers as doze neaf. And thay as amble midst. Haul up!

Swim fru thay blackbin dotcomm, fru thay brrjack tae comm zonne. Yur thay dotcomm fer Allentide. Yur. Comm. Haul up. Haul up thay hairs y thay grabbers, y thay kickers, y thay walkers, thay trails, thay pumps, they peepers, maulers, luggoles y thay cogitators.

Thay Allentide, comm Allentide, Haul up! Gaista! Comm allentide, van brrrjack y zonnejack tussle-y-crak fer dirt-homeball pump y gaper. Dirt-homeball, dark y rockwise – amblin rock – scruft y rockwise, be dan wi bofe fer heute so Allentide. Be dan y joit fer Allentide. Venn gaista haul up y amble midst – joit y ex-over. Frim cadaver tae morjya tae buv tae glittrin-far-mirrorball-dark. Gaista!...”

REPEAT either in whole or part. People will get to know what you are saying more. I'm learning a hell of a lot doing this. For people to actually learn new words you have to say it a few times kind of coming at it from different directions. Which you could do in a longer piece, but not so much in an invocation. But its interesting to learn thats how it works..

Fortune Telling Requests

Ive done all of these as “thay”, but you can call them “comm” if you have bonded.

Living in the present moment

[This would just be how they define being alive. Thats normal.]


Speculation is a waste of energy

gamblin thay foredays blackbins thay sonne

Bags of rubbish

blakbin luggery

Weighed down

hung all about wi breezbloks y lobbed tae thay reservoir

Fulfillment won't come in any way than from inside you

[really not sure about that. Theres no pat phrase here. I dont think they have a word for total fulfillment its more contextual than that, and less individual. The closest I can come to that is doing something for yourself first, which isnt quite the same]

scratchup thay grub furs

He/she loved you 

Thay twined fer thay

It was not sustainable in the long term

Thay wick suckt all thay wax tae flame

[thats a hard one. Its too broad a concept. It sort of depends why something is not sustainable. You could say something like: “thay gulped thay cod” “thay bypassed thay fallow” thay didnae shit tae thay rosebeds” or something, if its something that someone has done. The language would pin it down more than that, and relate it to the thing, probably by some kind of narrative. “thay wick sucked all they wax” is probably the closest I can get..]

Look after yourself first

Be furs comm

Being needed is a distraction from being present

[Oddly, I cant directly translate that. It can mean too many things at once, and this language is very specific. It can say a definate thing that is open to interpretation, but it cant say things this open. There are too many ways of “being needed”. Each would have a different word. Same with “being present”. The structure of the sentence is <this> is a distraction from <that>. So you could say <being needed in whatever way> hauls yer peepers frim <being present in whatever way>. But you could also say “..hauls yer pump frim..” or whatever is being distracted. Because distraction is also very context-specific. Does this make sense?]

Look forward

lob yer peepers tae foredays


Swearing is actually quite hard in this language. There isnt really a sweeping concept of good and bad, its all contextual. Things we would normally use as swearwords just arent. Nothing to do with body functions is offensive – it can be funny though, but its not going to cause offense on a general level. Failures of the body are sometimes obscene – ie they wouldnt use cock as an insult, but they would use some form of 'defective cock' as an insult! There are also bad principles – basically the worst thing you can do is be inflexible. But that wouldnt sound very funny or rude to an outside ear so I've tried for some things that sound obviously rude to an outsider so its clear what is going on, but that also don't go against the way the language is built. I think if this was to be worked into something else, then you would gradually find out that inflexibility is obscene.

So recognisable swears/insults would be like:



But I think they sound quite nasty. So..

“chunder” is a good swearword that you can use in the day! It does mean to be sick, and that is bad, because your body is out of whack. You can use it like “shit” or “bollocks”.

You can also say “crack”. Which means just that, but people might think it is ruder, and therefore its quite effective at showing you are swearing. That could also be useful if the language developed further because its a nice case of thinking people mean something and then coming to realise they mean something else without disturbing the continuity of your understanding. i.e. you know it is rude right away, but you come to know it means “failure to bend/adapt” rather than “cunt”. And by the time you realise that, it will be because you have adapted, so you will feel pretty good about yourself – that sort of thing is what I am learning this language could potentially do in a wider context. You can say something is “cracky” A person can be too. You can also say “cracking” and “cracker” but be careful with that because that means something else in english. Basically this is the equivalent of 'fuck'. You can call a person a “crack”.

“crumble” is a not particularly offensive, but very expressive curseword, and is also a bit fuddy-duddy. About as offensive as “darn” or “drat” but with much more weight of failure and despair. It basically means “oh no...” with a bit of “uh oh” thrown in. Its the kind of thing you'd say as you saw your lunchbox rolling away down a hill scattering your sandwiches amongst piles of rabbit droppings.. You wouldn't say it if someone kicked you in the shins unless you were doing it through gritted teeth and trying not to be rude.

You can also have “blockage” as a swearword. You can also call someone a “blockage”. It means exactly what it says.

“Chalk” or “chalky” means weak, and can also be used as a curseword.

You can also combine swearwords as in “chundering crack”.

Some other notes and responses:

hello hon,

hope your hale, here are some phrases we would like please, my clever
word friend, see what you can do -

Hello or Greetings!
Aynah (like ‘hey now’)

Goodbye or Farewell! T’ra den (like ‘ta ra then’)

Cheers or Up Ya Bum! “Danna Zawn” (like “down the hatch”)

Happy Allentide or Seasons Wishes! “Joity Allentide” (joy-tee Allentide)

and finally a sort of blessing, like a little habitual phrase given in
good will or in concern to ward off evil like a "bless you" after a
sneeze but in times when the black death lurked, so something like "may
the summer return to you" or "we wish you light in the dark" or some such...

You can say:

“stay bendy” – thats quite jolly, and means like it sounds – keep flexible, able to move and change

“haul thay sonne fru thay brr” - carry summer through winter. You can also say “haul sonne fru brr” or even just “sonne fru brr”. Or if the person you are talking to is a friend you can say “haul comm sonne fru thay brr”. Or “..comm brr” if the hardship is down to something youve fucked up together.

“glittrin foredays” - starbright future

This ongoing work is comissioned by SLGP